I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.


Someone once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – so today i wanna tell you something about my biggest addiction, my best friends, my trademark and my fav piece of clothing: black biker boots <3

And when I say I’m always wearing boots i really do mean always; even in summer when its damn hot outside, even in the desert or at venice beach – i even wore boots at the last wedding i visited. You ask me why? Heels are too uncomfortable, plus I’m six feet tall, so already way too tall for most people, sneakers dont fit everything, and for most ankle boots; i have the wierd opinion that big feet look smaller in chunky shoes (altough the whole world disagrees with me and is trying to sell me slim shoes like ballerinas and vans..).

And while some of my boots are of a very high quality (and quite expensive i might add), like my Jeffrey Campbell Brit Boots, my Ash’s and my alltime fav, those Boots by Sacha, there are plenty cheap models in there aswell! Things dont always have to be expensive to be good :P



Sometimes its better to buy cheap ones while saving for a few expensive ones which are worth every penny

My favs for the future are these three (from left to right: Cinzia Araia, KTZ and Saint Laurent <3 Background credit goes to the incredible Bonnie Strange <3) BECAUSE A GIRL CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH SHOES :P



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