Trend: Full printed sweaters

So this is gonna be my first “ordinary fashion blog entry” ever and I’m still not sure if or how to do this. Since I think everybody should be wearing whatever they feel comfortable in (which is also what I am doing, no matter what magazines and fashion blogs try to dictate me) and I also dont  feel like I’m in the position to judge any current fashion trends, I’m just gonna introduce you a few of my favourites plus where to get them :)


( 1:Breaking Rocks // 2: Romwe // 3: Choies // 4: Brzozowska // 5: Brzozowska //6: Aloha From Deer // 7: Romwe)

So, which of those do you like best? And how would you like a little competition next time where you can win a sweater like this? :)

I’m gonna post a few looks with printed sweaters over the next days and I’m thinking about giving away the most popular one so stay tuned!

Til then, why dont you check out the awesome 24 hrs sale Romwe is offering!

Only $27.99, up to 35%off!  24 hours only on 16th January.

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